Express your love for the Planet through your everyday choices!

Now we have eyewear partially or fully made of sustainable materials.

What are sustainable materials?

  • bio-based materials: partly derived from renewable resources like eco acetate derived from cellulose (cotton) or eco polyamide derived from castor oil.
  • recycled metal: using mostly second life metal sources. 
  • regenerated materials: for example ECONYL® is registered trademark identifying regenerated nylon made from waste like fishing nets or old carpets waste. 

    By choosing a sustainable pair of eyewear you reduce your ecological footprint

    • less dependency from petroleum (that is not a renewable resource)
    • less CO2 emissions
    • converting waste into reusable material is a great way to minimize environmental impact

    Check our sustainable styles by ticking sustainable when browsing our catalog or choosing directly from the Sustainable Collection (click here). 

    Great brands available: Polaroid, Levi's, Tommy Jeans, Jimmy Choo.